The Ross Hebrew Vocabulary flashcard program below is something I made back in 2004. Unfortunately, it's based on Shockwave which is a dying (close to dead) technology. You can still use it in old browsers like Internet Explorer and maybe Safari. Maybe Firefox too. It won't work in Chrome though.

There is, however, an Anki Flashcard module that uses the Ross audio from my program below (see links below if you just want the audio).
To use the Anki Ross module, you need to download the Anki program and also the Anki Ross module.

Note that I didn't put the Ross Anki module together myself. There is a note on the Anki Ross module page above stating "there are just a few minor errors in some of the cards." If you are going to use this module I would advise checking its answers against your textbook as you do each chapter. Maybe someone can take the time to fix the errors and update the module. The errors I'm aware of in my program are listed below under Errata.

Ross Hebrew Vocabulary

This is a flashcard program using the vocabulary in Introducing Biblical Hebrew by Allen P. Ross (Grand Rapids, Mich.: Baker Academic, 2001).


Note the following corrections to the flashcard program.

Web Version
Ross Vocab (3 MB; Shockwave required)

Download Web Version
Web Version (zip) (3 MB; Shockwave required)

Download Stand Alone Version (PC Only)
Stand Alone Version (zip) (4.5 MB; Shockwave NOT required)

Download Audio Development Files
If you are interested in some of the original development files, here are the audio recordings that I made of the Ross vocabulary. I have two versions. Both consist of WAV audio files.

Other Options

Print Flashcards with Mnemonics
The Free Church Seminary has print flashcards in pdf form on their free online Hebrew course web page. They have 415 Vocabulary (+ 10 particle) Flash Cards each with a mnemonic and picture. Some of the auditory/phonetic mnemonics may work better with a Scottish accent :), but nice work none-the-less! Note that these don't follow the Ross vocabulary lists but there should be plenty of overlap.

Flash! Pro XP
I also recommend Ken Penner's Flash! Pro XP vocabulary software.

It's a flashcard program that is far superior to mine in most ways. The one thing it doesn't have is audio for most of its databases and it doesn't have a database for the vocabulary in Allen Ross's textbook as of yet, at least that I'm aware of. Users can make their own databases, however, and add their own audio so this may be a good project for someone. :) My audio files for the Ross vocab are available for download above, so if someone builds an audio version of the Ross vocab in Flash! Pro XP, be sure to let me know and I'll make a note here and use it when I teach with Ross's textbook in class.

Flash! Pro XP costs $50 but there is a 30 day trial. There are lots of databases (Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, Latin, German, French, Sanskrit, etc.) and you can select vocab for any section of scripture that you want to drill. There are also databases for some Greek and Hebrew grammars.

One of the best features that makes this flashcard program really unique is a special drill mode called "Elapsed Time." The "Elapsed Time" mode makes vocabulary memorization very efficient because it feeds you vocabulary words that you are on the verge of forgetting. Here's how Ken Penner describes it.

Elapsed Time

The most elegant and effective Drill Type (in my experience)... This one selects 
words for which the time since you last got it right exceeds the time between when 
you last got it wrong and the time you last got it right.

Say I drill a bunch of cards including "logos" for the first time at 12:00. I get 
it wrong. After the drilling session is over, and I get returned to the select tab, 
"logos" immediately gets selected again.

I drill the bunch again (it is now 12:05). I get it right this time. It has been 
5 minutes between wrong and right. Back at the select tab at 12:08, "logos" does 
not get selected. It has only been 3 minutes since right; less than the 5 between 
wrong and right.

I drill some other cards. Back to the select tab at 12:11. "logos" gets selected 
because it has now been 6 minutes since I got it right; more than the 5 between 
wrong and right. I drill it and some other cards; I get it right again. Now it is 
11 minutes between wrong and right. 

Back to the select tab at 12:14. It is not selected. 12:17: not. 12:20: not. 12:23: yes; 
it has been 12 minutes since right; more than the 11 between right and wrong. I get 
it right again. I stop drilling for the day. 

The next day, "logos" get selected. I get it right. It won't appear again until 
tomorrow. If I get it wrong even once, the process starts over as if I never knew 
it. As it should.

I find this formula brings up the card just as I am on the verge of forgetting it, 
for the most efficient use of memorization time.

By the way, I'm not at all affiliated with Ken Penner or his software. I just recommend Flash! Pro XP because I use it myself and find it very effective.


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